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– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Action for Rural Women Empowerment (ARUWE)

Action for Rural Women Empowerment (ARUWE)

ARUWE work with marginalised groups of people especially the rural Women farmers in Uganda. Our purpose is to improve the livelihoods of the rural marginalised Women farmers and their children through food security and environment, health, economic empowerment, human rights and educating them on HIV/AIDS.

ARUWE has focused on participatory, sustainable and empowerment projects that have encouraged women to organize themselves into groups, which has created strong bonds within members and this has enhanced their capacity in solving daily life problems.

 Focus Areas:

  • Water supply Urban/Rural
  • Environmental Protection/ Climate change
  • Rainwater Harvest/ Flood Control
  • Sanitation/ pollution control
  • Advocacy / Right to Water and Sanitation
  • Water Resources Management (IWRM)


Country: Uganda

Contact Details:

Telephone: +256-312-102852



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