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FAN Member in Focus: ProCuenca Valle de Bravo

Horacio Bonfil (right) at a preparatory meeting for the 6th World Water Forum


Founded in 2000, ProCuenca seeks to improve quality of life in the municipality of Valle de Bravo by promoting environmental conservation and restoration. Having only recently joined FANMex in 2009, it is proving to be a key member, making valuable contributions as well as benefiting through newly formed skills and relationships.


ProCuenca has been working in Valle de Bravo’s Amanalco basin for seven years, generating resources to promote conservation and sustainable development of the watershed and supporting projects in priority areas. Through the network, ProCuenca came into contact with other members working on similar issues. As a result,over the last year, they have been working with two other FANMex members, SENDAS and SARAR as well as FANAS member Corporación Pais Solidario, to exchange learning on rural sanitation.


For Horacio Bonfil, Director of Pro Cuenca Valle de Bravo, these relationships have proved to be a great benefit to ProCuenca’s work: “Each member has its own specific angle and strength,” he explains. “SARAR focuses on capacity building, while we look more at social processes and SENDAS does lots of work around environmental monitoring. As a result of our contact, each of us is transforming our work by applying our learning from one another.”


Not only have these relationships strengthened their programmatic work, for Horacio they have also been incredibly motivating on a personal level: “It’s not just sharing best practice, the feeling of discussing successes and challenges with others injects new energy into what we’re doing.”


Being part of a wider network has also helped ProCuenca make a breakthrough in their relationship with the authorities and their powers to influence them. Before becoming a member of FANMex, Horacio and his organization were working very much in isolation and the authorities had always been sceptical of the work they were doing. Through the network, he was able to gather lots of examples from other national contexts on decentralized water and sanitation supply systems. Being able to present themselves as part of a bigger, global organization, gave them added credibility: “This year the authorities finally recognized the value of grassroots projects. When you are not alone, when you can say that you are part of something global, it gives added weight to your work.”


Contact details: Privada 15 de septiembre 6

                       Barrio de Otumba
                       Valle de Bravo 51200

Tel-Fax: +52 (726) 233 06



Read more about this member: Race for Water in Valle de Bravo

Water and Sanitation:THE CRUPDA

In rural areas Barguna of Bangladesh generally the people do not use pure drinking water and water sealed latrines. As a result different water borne diseases spread out and attacks the people and kills a lot of valuable lives every year at undue period.
Considering the said situation The CRUPDA has been implementing pure drinking water supply and sanitation programs in its working areas. The main activities include motivation, education and encouragement for practicing and changing their present attitudes and habit, install tube wells, and install water sealed latrines. The CRUPDA arranges different documentary film shows on water and sanitation and observes different related days to change the people’s mind and to create mass awareness among the people on use of pure drinking water and water sealed latrines to prevent water borne diseases for their secured lives. The staff of The CRUPDA educates and motivates the people through group meetings, house to house visits and personal contact and arranging gatherings. So far The CRUPDA has installed about 3500 water sealed latrines and 18 nos deep-tub well distribute in its operational areas..

Nice activites

The CRUPDA's WATSAN Program very nice I like there activites.

Adv Shafiqul Islam

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