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Save Uganda's Mabira forest from early desertification

The government of Uganda wants one third of Mabira Rain Forest converted into grassland of sugar cane, an advance stage in desertification. This means government of Uganda has chosen to help Sahara Desert take over the East African region sooner than later.

Already small rivers emanating from Mabira and pouring their water into Lake Victoria are disappearing. This will be compounded by government’s decision to allocate a large chunk of Mabira to reproducing sugar cane grass. Ultimately Lake Victoria which nourishes River Nile will follow the path of Lake Chad: death of a lake. Simultaneously River Nile will also die! And so will centuries-old civilizations in the Nile Basin.

Environmentally and ecologically speaking this is an unwise choice that standards out as a classic case of environmental terrorism championed by a government in power.

All humanity should abhor and reject the politico-economistic onslaught onto Mabira so that we can stem the ramifying environmental and ecological complications with dire consequences for water, climate, food, health, socio-political and futures security in the Nile Basin. 

I appeal to others to register your objection to this narrow, econoministic, political choice of grass in place of trees that could lead to the hydrocide of Lake Victoria and River Nile, and to even more poverty among especially the poorest of the poor well into the future and deny future generations a safe, clean, secure and healthy environment endowed with food and water security.

I also appeal to you to reject the environmentally-illiterate cutting down natural trees only to replace them with Eucalyptus from the deserts of Australia and Pine from the temperate lands of the West thereby converting our cultural landscape into a foreign landscape, which is like a desert since the two types of plants do not allow other beings to survive in them.

Please sign a petition to President Y. Museveni on the Mabira forest

You may also email a passionate appeal to President Museveni.

Oweyegha-Afunaduula, Chairman, Nile Basin Discourse and ANEW member

Blinded by dollar signs

Thanks for this writing this post. It seems that mismanagement of our natural resources is happening just about everywhere and it’s great to get the message out there so that people are informed and can take action. So frequently it seems that people are blinded by dollar signs and don’t realise or don't care that a short term gain can have a disastrous impact on the ecosystem and on peoples’ lives in the long term.

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