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SACOSAN IV media coverage highlights

Himalayan Times (Nepal)

Call for water rights (26.03.11)

WaterAid calls for Urgent action (01.04.11)

Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka)

WaterAid calls for greater invest in sanitation to save 2.8m children (01.04.11)‎

Sri Lanka achieves MDG on water and sanitation (02.04.11)‎

200,000 people defecate in the open (02.04.11)‎

Xinhua News Agency

South Asians in crying need for safe water, sanitation By Amanda Sri (03.04.11)

DAWN.COM (Pakistan)

South Asians call for equitable sanitation programmes By Saleem Shaikh (03.04.11)

Pakistan's Failure on SACOSAN Commitments By Saleem Shaikh (03.04.11)

Leaders pledge to invest more in sanitation at SACOSAN, by Saleem Shaikh (10.04.11).

The News on Sunday (Pakistan)

People who keep the city clean Sanitary workers are most unprotected both health-wise and otherwise (sanitary workers in Lahore) by Aoun Sahi (03.04.11)

New Age (Bangladesh)

Diarrhoea leading cause of child deaths in SA by Mustafizur Rahman (03.04.11)

SACOSAN IV begins today in Colombo  by Mustafizur Rahman

Open defecation still a big hygiene problem in Bangladesh by Mustafizur Rahman (05.04.11)

The Hindu (India)

SAARC sanitation meet opens in Sri Lanka

Hindustan Times (India)

Water table sinking – Bihar government worried (03.04.11) (Hard copy only)

The Hindustan Times, Patna edition (India)

Rs.142.42 crore for water purification in Vaishali / 30 sanitary wells have been constructed in Arsenic-Hit pockets,  by HT Hajipur Corrrespondent Rajesh Thakur (4.04.11) (Hard copy only)

Ceylon Daily News (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka to host South Asian Conference on sanitation (04.04.11)

Kaiser Family Foundation (Sri Lanka)

South Asian Conference On Sanitation Kicks Off In Sri Lanka‎ (04.04.11)

The Telegraph, Calcutta (India)

Contaminated water triggers liver trouble by Arun Kumar. (04.04.11)

The Island (Sri Lanka)

Govt. aims at water safe water, sanitation for all by 2020  Dinesh, by Ifham Nizam (04.04.11)

New Age (Bangladesh)

Open defecation still a big hygiene problem in Bangladesh, by Mustafizur Rahman (05/04/11)

South Asian nations call for inclusion of sanitation in dev agenda, by Mustafizur Rahman (06.04.11)

Pakistan Today

Sanitation – Global bodies hail Colombo Declaration Amar Guriro  (10.04.11)

World’s emerging economic hub South Asia battling with sanitation issues, by Amar Guriro (05/04/11) (hard copy only)

SAARC countries agree to include sanitation as basic human right in constitution By Amar Guriro (07.04.2011)

World wants urban water management, Sindh yet to reconstruct rural systems washed away by the floods By Amar Guriro (22.03.2011) (Nepal)

Call to step up sanitation plans in South Asian nations (5.04.11)

Sunday Observer (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka achieves MDG on water and sanitation, By Shanika SRIYANANDA.

Deccan Herald (Pakistan)

South Asia’s GDP loss over lack of sanitation, by Ranjan K Panda (09.04.11)

Sanitation updates

SACOSAN IV: Colombo declaration tackles “biggest sanitation challenge in the world”

InfoChange (India)

Making sanitation as popular as cricket