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Sanitation and Water for All Partnership

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The SWA is a partnership of national governments, donors, civil society organizations and other development partners working together to increase political will and improve aid-effectiveness by mobilizing and better targeting resources for water supply and sanitation. 

FAN and the Sanitation and Water for All partnership

FAN members Dibalok Singha, FAN South Asia, and Baker Yiga, ANEW, currently represent southern civil society on the Sanitation and Water for All steering committee. 


FAN and its campaigning partner End Water Poverty have been campaigning since March 2007 for the establishment of 'Sanitation and Water for All: A Global Framework for Action', in order to better coordinate the sector and drive progress in the delivery of national sanitation and water plans.


The initiative was launched in September 2010 by the UK and Dutch Governments and is now supported by a wide range of actors. It is a major achievement of the End Water Poverty campaign and the actions of wider civil society that the SWA has been established so quickly. Many FAN members participated and contributed to related campaigns and actions.


In April 2012, after years of campaigning from FAN and End Water Poverty members, including crisis talks – Ministers from across Africa and Asia announced their commitments to provide 56 million people with safe drinking water and 78 million people with sanitation at the Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting.


One of the previous CSO representatives, ANEW's Rudy Amenga-Etego delivered a one minute statement on behalf of civil society across the world - calling for leaders to step up and show strong leadership, in a bid to move from incremental progress to transformational change.


Great progress was made at the Sector Ministers' Meeting. FANSA Nepal member Lajana Manandhar opened the with a hard-hitting speech on the urgency of tackling the water and sanitation crisis. She described how women and girls are the hardest hit, with women bearing 70 percent of the burden of collecting water. Lajana also introduced a short film on the human costs of dirty water and poor sanitation. 

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Civil society messages for SWA partnership meeting

In November, small group of about 15 civil society representatives including ten members from ANEW and FANSA as well as a handful of northern country representatives will be representing the voice of civil society at a Sanitation and Water for All Partnership meeting.


FAN Global members elected new CSO representatives to SWA Steering Committee

Civil Society now has three new representatives responsible for carrying our voices to the SWA Steering Committee, to help shape and guide the future of the partnership. Don’t hesitate to link up with them to share your valuable thoughts and contributions.


ANEW's Baker Yiga represents at Sanitation and Water for All session

The SWA session 'Global Decision Makers Unite on WASH' took centre stage on the opening day of the conference. Panellists including Baker Yiga, the ANEW executive secretary, ensuring the voice of civil society was well represented to address the critical question of how to sustain political engagement from leaders to capitalise on political opportunities and ensure WASH commitments are followed through.


ANEW member features in first SWA newsletter

First SWA newsletter featuring an interview with ANEW member Mubu Kalaluka of the Zambia NGO WASH Forum, highlighting civil society’s key role in the SWA partnership. 

English (PDF )

French (PDF 5Mb)


Sanitation and Water for All Partnership press release on the High Level Meeting April 2012

Read End Water Poverty's response to the UN's GLASS report

FAN members attending Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting in Washington

Watch the full webcast of the Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting in Washington


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Sanitation and Water for All partnership aims

The Sanitation and Water for All partnership aims to provide a global solution to the water and sanitation crisis through a combination of:

  • Providing the political government-level leadership to reverse the neglect of the crisis through the bi-annual High Level Meetings for Finance and Development Ministers
  • Using the information about what the solutions are and where the communities most in need are through the GLAAS report
  • Coordinating and targeting funds towards the communities most in need to speed up progress towards the MDGs through the National Planning for Results Initiative. The Liberian Government is working with SWA partners to create and deliver a plan for success.


Sanitation and Water for All partnership progress report on high level commitments (PDF 1.9Mb)

Download What is Sanitation and Water for All? (PDF 400Kb)

Download Recommended commitments to be made by governments at the Sanitation and Water for All High Level Meeting (PDF 110Kb)

Download What role can civil society play? (PDF 920Kb)

More information

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