Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Parcerias princípio

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End Water Poverty 

EWP logoEnd Water Poverty (EWP) is the international campaign to end the global injustice that causes millions to live without access to clean water and sanitation. Many FAN members have taken part in EWP campaigning events including last year's record-breaking event, The World's Longest Toilet Queue.

Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council

WSSCCFAN has collaborated with Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC), a global multi-stakeholder partnership organisation that works to improve the lives of poor people, on a number of events and campaigns including the civil society input at the South Asian and The World's Longest Toilet Queue.

Water and Climate Change Coalition

WCC logoThe Water and Climate Change Coalition, previously known as GPPN, was launched at Stockholm Water Week 2007 and was established to enable a space for stakeholders to prepare together for the review of water and sanitation at the 2008 session of the UN CSD-16 and to catalyze the successful realization of the review’s outcomes. More recently FAN has been working with them to input into the UN climate change negotiations.

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