Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Thematic Areas

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FAN’s members work on a wide variety of themes. The network prioritises some of the more
important of these, to provide a focus for its communications, advocacy and influencing.

Although there is broad consistency on priorities between FAN regions, there are some
differences of emphasis. In consultations for this strategy, ANEW members identified integrated water resource management and transboundary water issues as key in their region.

In Asia, "Demand and supply gap is also forcing commercialisation of water. Inequity and
injustice in water distribution is also growing" (FANSA) was emphasised while members from FAN’s Latin American networks highlighted environmental issues: "it is important … that the environment is also considered a water user and that suitable measures must be taken to guarantee the ecological functions of water" (FAN Mexico member).

Members identified the following priority themes:

  • Governance, transparency and accountability
  • Integrated water resource management and climate change
  • The rights to water and sanitation
  • Transboundary waters