Freshwater Action Network
– grassroots influencing on water and sanitation

Added value of FAN, WSSCC, EWP and WaterAid

In early 2012, FAN Global, End Water Poverty (EWP), WaterAid and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) worked together on a network mapping exercise to strategically align and co-ordinate our activities and identify how we can work better at the international and national levels by playing to our strengths. As part of this work, a number of unique sellling points were identified for each body:


  • Supports southern CSOs capacity building in advocacy, communications, fundraising and organisational development
  • Facilitates a continuous process of knowledge, experience and information transfer throughout the network with a focus on grassroots exchange
  • Keeps a watching brief on global policy processes and creating space for CSOs to participate
  • Promotes the progressive realisation of the right to water and sanitation


  • Bringing together northern, southern and international NGOs
  • Being a campaign with a specific sharp policy agenda
  • Focused on public campaigning (providing joint campaign moments/actions) and coordinated lobbying (facilitating working groups, providing info etc)
  • Able to play a leadership role in key global processes (linking national actions to global level), notably Global Framework, G8 and certain UN meetings (this includes info sharing, coordinated lobbying/campaigning and supporting participation) - and working with others on AU, SACOSAN etc
  • Able to play link up role with GCAP for other civil society groups, and getting other INGOs to lobby on water issues


  • 10 years WASH policy analysis, expertise & skills
  • 28 years integrated wash services implementation (country programmes,
  • Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, Pacific Rim)
  • Advocacy capacity building carried out in-country expertise development


  • One of the largest membership organisations in the WASH Sector with a cross-cutting membership and a democratically elected steering committee
  • Extensive network of professionals around the world with emphasis on Africa and Asia
  • strong focus on sanitation and hygiene, as opposed to water supply
  • A strong advocacy brand - the WASH campaign - with excellent advocacy materials
  • Emphasis on networking and collaboration - within countries; on themes and topics; and globally  
  • Information hub providing high quality information services to members and National Coordinators , and to sector in general  
  • Strong multi-stakeholder platforms, national WASH Coalitions, including civil society, international organisations, academia, government. WSSCC’s motto has always been to do advocacy "from within".